Time to catch up! More client quilts

I’ve been terribly lax about keeping up to date and uploading photos as I finish quilts for my customers. It has been a busy month, starting with volunteering at Quilt Expo here in Madison and having a house full of guests. We have hosted a few small quilting groups both here at home and at my studio. Mom presented a trunk show at quilt guild this week. And of course I am working to make my quilting business a success. Keeping this website interesting is a part of growing my business!

So now that I’m done with excusing my procrastination, let me share some of what I’ve been working on!

Here is a cute baby quilt made by Jane Vaughan, made in (I think) 1930’s reproduction prints. And the backing.

Another quilt for Jane Vaughan. The backing is actually black with gold stars. Eventually I’ll get a decent camera and lighting setup so as not to confuse the white balance on my little camera. On the other hand, it’s easier to see the quilting lines here.

This is a big flannel quilt for Lori Seawright. The concentric squares are such a simple graphic design, and I love the colors in this one. Can I keep it?

This quilt pattern is called “Gypsy Wife” and it is made by Bonnie Janeshek. It’s such an amazing quilt. I did have to use a fair amount of spray starch to tame all the seams before I quilted it, as nothing wanted to lay flat for me. I’m really pleased with it, and Bonnie should be proud of this one! (And I need to invest in something to hold the quilts for full length photos!)Look at the texture the quilting gives this. This quilt is on my list to make someday.

Finally, an amazing quilt by Martha Sumi. Fabric by the amazing Kaffe Fassett mixed with the black and white makes this such a vibrant quilt. We went with one overall design in the center of the quilt, and a coordinating design in the border. Then look at that backing! Wow!

Can you see why I love what I do for a living now? I get to see an amazing variety of quilts made in so many styles. I get to add my touch to them and help turn these into finished projects to adorn a bed, hang on a wall, and to be given as gifts. Did I mention I’m having fun while I’m doing it too? Every day brings a new challenge, and I get to learn new techniques and polish new skills!